Lucas Prata is no stranger to the radio airwaves and TV sets across the world.  Since his last run on world-wide radio Lucas has been working hard on new music getting ready for another album to be released. The untitled third album goes back to Lucas’s roots in commercial Dance Music.  He has linked up with teams of producers based out of Europe as well as some of the ones that he has worked with in the past to capture that clean European pop sound that he has been craving to make for his diehard fans.  His electrifying shows have put him on top of his genre for the last 7 years here in the U.S.

The self proclaimed Bad Boy Of Dance is now reaching for yet another level of his career by starting his own label Yo Pal! Entertainment. (  Yo Pal Ent. will start off small with just a couple of newly signed artists along with Lucas’ new material coming out as well.  This will be Lucas’ third album coming out in the spring of 2011.  Lucas says, “This has been a long time dream of mine to be able to help young talent out there to get their music heard and help them not go through some of the tough experiences I went through in the business. The music business has changed a lot from when I started and I’ve kept my ear to the ground learning all the new ways it takes to be successful in the music business”

The Lucas Prata brand has been expanding.  2008 bought the debut of Lucas Prata – The Making of a Pop Star (Prata's own reality show) on the Zilo Network.  Fans outside of the United States who have heard of the show have written Lucas to make the show available online. Prata has also co-written a new version of "And She Said…" (“Just Say Yeah…) for Coca-Cola which debut in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.  Coca-Cola also launched a collector’s item specialty bottle embodying the Lucas Prata Logo.  This should blast Prata to another level for sure with the billions of people that tune into the Olympics. Keep your eyes and ears open for another Lucas Prata explosion to take over the world.

Gold Record:

“And She Said… (Y Dices) in Sweden (Family Tree Records/Catchy Tunes)

#1 U.S. Billboard Airplay single for 4 straight weeks


Deuce Bigalo European Gigolo


Chicken Little


ABC - Good Morning America

CNN - Best of the Web 2005

FOX - Good Day New York

FOX - So You Think You Can Dance?

MTV - My Super Sweet 16

MTV - TRL Canada

Slice Network - Party Mamas

NBC - The Today Show

VH1 - Web Junk

CW 11 - Morning News

SY Network

Style Network - Split Ends

Silo Network - Lucas Prata; Making of a Pop Star